Third annual SLAAP Happy Holiday Art Sale set for Thursday

Some of you (one of you) asked us to do a local holiday gift guide a few weeks ago, and while we haven’t gotten around to that (yet?), I’ve got one sweet holiday gift idea for you in the meantime.

Chia pets.

Psyche. Buy someone a great piece of local art.

As it happens, a group of local artists and craftspeople are providing you an opportunity to do just that at the third annual Support Local Art And Products (SLAAP) Happy Holiday Sale at Kathy P. Thompson’s Studio 3 on Thursday, Dec. 2.

The sale features 15 different local artists, with everything from paintings to handwoven baskets and even some creative food items available for purchase at extremely reasonable prices. Also, this particular art sale is happening in conjunction with First Thursday this month, so chances are you can get some more local art across the street at Fayetteville Underground.

If you’re keeping score at home, that makes two local art sales that we know of this week in Fayetteville (and it’s only Tuesday). The annual Block Street Holiday Art Sale at GoodFolk starts Friday.

Here are some of the artists participating in the SLAAP Happy Holiday Sale, and what they’ll be bringing to share with you guys.

Cindy Arsaga – Encaustic paintings
Laurie Foster – Woolens
Joseph Brajcki – Fantasy edibles
Kathy Thompson – Ceramics & travel bags
Cynthia Parker – Handknits
The Gibson Family – Handwoven baskets
Ansel Ogle – Handcarved utensils
Adam Posnak – Ceramics
Jessica Robin & Ben Strawn – Embroidery, prints, & paintings
Sage Billig – Children’s wear
Eleanor Lux & Hana Mauf – Weaving, jewelry, & clothing
Ugly Bunny Farm – Fresh wreaths
Brandy Thomason – Handmade jewelry
Tanya & Chris Tubbs – Wooden creations
Mclees Baldwin – Handmade silver jewelry

Third Annual SLAAP Happy Holidy Sale

Date: Thursday, Dec. 2
Time: 5-8 p.m.
Location: Kathy P. Thompson Studio 3
RSVP: Facebook