Downtown merchants host progressive shopping event

As you guys probably know, there is definitely more than one way to tackle a Christmas list.

You could scramble around on Christmas Eve, wandering aimlessly through store after store just hoping that by some Christmas miracle your list will magically disappear, and that all of the perfect gifts for your loved ones will teleport themselves from the various stores beneath the appropriate tree. (This is my method. This never works.)

You could start the day after Christmas working on next year’s list, have all of your shopping done by the end of January, and then brag to your frantic friends come holiday season about how you’ve been finished with your shopping for months. (If you’re this organized, good for you, but trust me, your friends don’t want to hear about it.)

Another option is to ride around in a limousine with friends to various locally-owned shops in Fayetteville, having a glass of champagne or a snack at each stop along the way, while you finish your shopping and most of your gift wrapping all in one night.

If the third option sounds a bit more your speed, you’ll be glad to know that a bunch of downtown merchants have teamed up for a Store-to-Store Progressive Holiday shopping event this Thursday, Dec. 9.

To catch a ride, just visit any of the below shops between 6-9 p.m. on Thursday, wait for the next available limo, and hop in.

Shopping party?

Store-to-Store Progressive Shopping Party

Date: Thursday, Dec. 9
Time: 6 – 9 p.m.
Location: Downtown shops (see above)
RSVP: Facebook Event