Press Release | Street, Trail, and Safety Information for Races This Weekend

Unedited press release from City of Fayetteville


On Saturday, December 11, and Sunday, December 12, Fayetteville will be hosting exciting races with several participants and spectators. You may encounter part of a race in your neighborhood or on your travels around Fayetteville on these two days.

The success of these races requires certain streets and Scull Creek Trail to be temporarily closed. The City of Fayetteville wants to alert you to closings that can assist you in planning accordingly to safely and timely reach your destination.

On Saturday, December 11, Fayetteville is hosting the Magic Mile race, which is part of the 1st annual Fayetteville Half Marathon festival. This race will take place from the Fayetteville Historic Downtown Square to Dickson Street. The start line is on the Square. The finish line is on Dickson Street between Hog Haus and Common Grounds. There will be over 100 runners of all ages competing in this race–one of the fastest mile runs in the world.

Below is a detailed timeline of street closures for the Magic Mile race on Saturday the 11th:

9:50-10:15 am: Fayetteville Downtown Square
9:50-10:15 am: Center to Church, Church to Mountain, Mountain to East
10-10:15am: East to Dickson
10-10:45: Dickson (west of Highland) to east of intersection of Dickson/West
On Sunday, December 12, Fayetteville is hosting the 1st annual Fayetteville Half Marathon. The start/finish line is the John McDonnell Outdoor Track Center. There will be more than 700 runners from over 15 states competing in a half marathon, 5K, and one mile walk events. Below is a detailed timeline of street closures for the Fayetteville Half Marathon.

7am — Noon: Meadow between Stadium and Razorback
7:45 – 8:45am: Razorback from Meadow to MLK
7:45 – 9:00am: MLK (both west bound lanes) from Razorback to Garland
7:45 – 9:15am: Garland from MLK to Clinton/Stadium
7:45 – 8:30am: Virginia from Clinton to Stone
7:45 — 8:45 am: N. Maxwell intersection
7:45 – 9:00 am: Clinton from Virginia to Stone
7:45 – 9:30am: Leroy Pond
7:45 – 9:30am: Stadium from Clinton/Virginia to Maple
7:45 – 10:30 am: S. Maxwell intersection
8 – 11:30am: Maple from Razorback to Garland
8 – 9:00am: Garland (Maple intersection) to just south of Drake intersection
8 – 9:30am: Garland (Maple intersection) to just south of Sycamore
8 – 10:30am: Garland (Maple intersection) to Hickory
8 – 9:30am: Bel Air from Garland to Oakland
8 – 9:45am: Oakland from Bel Air to Sycamore
8 – 10:45am: Sycamore from Oakland to Leverett
8 – 10:45am: Sycamore from Leverett to Scull Creek Trail head on Sycamore
8 – 11am: Scull Creek Trail from Sycamore to Maple
8:30 – 11 am: Hickory from Garland to Oakland
8:30 – 11 am: Oakland from Hickory to Sycamore
8:30 – 11am (partial closure only): Maple from Scull Creek Trail to Gregg
8:30 – 11am: Gregg from Maple to Dickson
8:30 – 11am: Dickson from Gregg to Arkansas Avenue
8:30 – 11am: Arkansas Ave (west side of boulevard) from Dickson to Maple
8:30 – 11:15am: Maple from Arkansas Ave to Storer
8:30 – 11:15am: Campus Dr (in front of Old Main)
9 – 11:30am: Dickson from S. Campus Dr to Garland
9 – 11:30am: Garland from Dickson to Maple
7:45 – Noon: Razorback from Maple to just north of Center, but south of Meadow

Special Considerations have been addressed by race staff and have included meetings with the Fayetteville Police Department, University of Arkansas Police Department, UA Transit, Fayetteville Fire Department, and the Central Emergency Management to address all major concerns which would affect traffic and emergency vehicle flow. The neighborhood in Maxwell subdivision will only be completely blocked for approximately 30 minutes. The first runner will arrive at N. Maxwell at 8:15am and the last runner should be past N. Maxwell at 8:45. The race route does come past N. Maxwell again, but turns onto Hickory, thus allowing the Maxwell subdivision residents to exit onto Garland by way of N. Maxwell. The west most lane of Garland between Mt. Comfort and North street will remain open to allow flow of traffic in and out of Harps as well as give an outlet for motorists coming south of Mt. Comfort Rd. The race route will be clear of the Deane/Garland and Sycamore/Garland
The City of Fayetteville Police Department, University of Arkansas Police, Central EMS, City of Fayetteville Fire Department and the City Street Division are working together to make sure all residents and runners have a safe and enjoyable event experience. For inquiries about the race, please contact Tracy Byrd–race director–at 479-200-7718 or Bruce Dunn–race promoter–at 479-466-4022. For race information and maps, please visit