Mayor honors outgoing council members Cook, Lucas and Rhoads

Photo: Todd Gill

Mayor Jordan honored three outgoing City Council members with a combined 24 years of service to the city of Fayetteville in a special ceremony before last week’s City Council meeting.

Aldermen Kyle Cook (Ward 2), Robert Rhoads, (Ward 3) and Shirley Lucas (Ward 4), each served on the council for the last eight years and participated in their final meeting on Tuesday. Their replacements, incoming members Mark Kinion, Rhonda Adams, and Justin Tennant, will be sworn in on Jan. 4.

Mayor Jordan pointed out several accomplishments made over their tenure, including
the downtown master plan, impact fees for fire and police, the trails program, three new fire facilities, a $65 million transportation plan, the smoking ordinance, and the paid parking program in the Dickson Street area.

“Mayor Jordan named off several of the items that we tackled,” said Cook. “Some things turned out good, and some bad, but I always felt like I did what I thought was right at the time.”

Ward 3 alderman Robert Rhodes wasn’t so quick to take credit for all of the accomplishments.

“I don’t remember being involved in the parking at all,” Rhoads joked about the controversial initiative.

Rhoads, along with alderwoman Lucas, expressed confidence in the council’s new members before beginning the meeting.

“I can tell you that Ward 3 Position 1 will not skip a beat,” said Rhoads. “Justin Tennant is well prepared, and along with Bobby Ferrell, [Ward 3] is well taken care of over the next several years.”

“I think we’re going in the right direction,” said Lucas. “You’re in good hands.”