Hogs Guy Predicts: Sugar Bowl

In a last of year end final edition of my sports writings about the Arkansas Razorbacks collegiate football squad, I will and am dedicating this whole entire post to you all out there the fans and to the Arkansas Razorbacks football squad and to the coaches of the Arkansas Razorbacks. And also to everyone.

By now you should be knowing that I am Hogs Guy and that I L-O-V-E the Arkansas Razorbacks. It’s a simple to get concept for your brain to get. I love them all of them. For examples, the starter quarterback Ryan Mallett — I love him. The starter football running back Knife Knile Davis — I love him. The starter football wide catchers Joe Adams, Jarius Wright, Cobi Hamilton and DJ Williams — I love him, him, him, and him. I even love the un-dead football catcher Greg Childs. The rookie football kicker Zach Hockey Hocker — yes, I love him. I love all the defenses. I love the offensers line. I love all the coaches. And I love the top coach Bobby Petrino.

See. I love them. It’s a pure 100% love.

Do you want a legal copy of this photograph with a signature from Hogs Guy? So does about 1,000 people across the whole United States. Make your score prediction below and you might win it to keep as your own or to sell on eBays for $17k.

The last time I got to watch my favorite football college team, it’s the Arkansas Razorbacks, they were in Little Rock (in Arkansas) playing against the entire state of Louisiana. If the world ended today, it wouldn’t matter because the best ever team won that contest. Trick, it wasn’t even LSUs. Double-trick, it wasn’t the Arkansas team. But it was! The ending score was 31 for our good team (Arkansas) and 23 for that other team (state of Louisiana).

After we won that football game, the referees congratulated us and then awarded us another 1 win for our win-loss configuration. When you added on the new 1 win, that gave us a level of having winned 10 of most of our games! And only losing 2 of a majority of those same games. Then sports experts said we were the number 8 of number 1 teams out there. Not bad but also pretty good!

Now we have a chance to do so good because we were asked to take part in the footbowl game called the Sugar Bowl. It’s a part of a bigger footbowl series called the BCSs. The letters stand for (foot)Bowl Champions of Sports — just like in the word phone, foot is silent. The team we will play verse/against is the entire state of Ohio, called the Ohio’s Buckeye.

Here are some 10 facts you should need to know about Ohio’s Buckeye:
Fact Point 1: Buckeye teams are usually and historically good footballers and this year they have won 11 of most of their games.
Fact Point 2: The Ohios are from the conference of 10 big teams and this will be their 6th in a row of series in the BCSs.
Fact Point 3: Ohio’s Buckeye has played teams from the same conference of the Arkansas Razorbacks and have lost all of most of the games against them. Hint, that means 9 times.
Fact Point 4: They have a gooooood runner quarterback.
Fact Point 5: They have a gooooood passer quarterback.
Fact Point 6: It is true that it is the man in Fact Point 4 and the man in Fact Point 5 are the same man.
Fact Point 7: They have a gooooood football running man.
Fact Point 8: Their defenses are super at toughness and at not allowing the other team’s offense be good and do good plays.
Fact Point 9: Some of the Ohio’s players have illegal real tattoos that they paid for with their pants.
Fact Point 10: Fact Points 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 are truth facts and should not be silly to play jokes or pranks with or about.

It is a good thing to say and point out that the Arkansas Razorbacks are going to play in a tough football match against the Ohio’s Buckeyes. If the Hogs team keeps playing football plays like they did over a month ago and not choose to do fumble plays or intercept pass plays, then the outcome will be favorable for Hogs fans and players and coaches.

And if you’re wanting to take me on in a bet, you can. I think this is how the game will turn out – Arkansas Razorbacks 34, Ohio State 28. If you think you can beat me, first off, you can’t. Get a life. Second off, tell me YOUR score guess below. I’d say good luck, but you’ve already lost. And don’t even think about guessing AGAINST the Hogs. If you do, the current year of 2011 will end like lightening. A rocket ship will be pointed at your house with me as the aimer. I will fire the rocket way up into the space zone and then will turn it around like a boomeranger with so much fast speed. The speed will probably melt the rocket into a iron rod and the iron rod will smash your house. Then you will be pinned under it. That means no more hair cuts. No more CSI. No more salad dressing. And with so much no mores to come. Deal?

I’m Hogs Guy. Bye.

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  • You must pick the score by 15 minutes before kickoff for each game.

Good luck!

77th Annual Allstate Sugar Bowl Classic

Teams: Arkansas vs. Ohio State
Location: New Orleans, LA
Day: Tuesday, Jan. 4, 2011
Time: 7:30 p.m.
Media: ESPN, ESPN3.com

Hogs Guy last appeared at the 2010 Alabama game. Since that game wasn’t won by Arkansas, he’s been officially named the “Official Spreader of Razorback Cheer” by the Fayetteville Flyer. Hogs Guy is here to spread Razorback cheer to anyone that needs it. Win or lose, we all could use more Razorback cheer. That’s why we need Hogs Guy. For more of Hogs Guy’s contributions, see his author page.