Wilson Park parking lot access limited through Feb. 4

Photo: Todd Gill / Enlarge
The Wilson Park trail enhancement project includes the addition of a Light Emitting Diode (LED) trail lighting system.

When we first checked in on the Wilson Park trail renovation and lighting project, it was the pedestrians who were dealing with construction obstacles. Now it’s the drivers who are having to make a few detours.

Prospect Street access to the parking lot directly west of the tennis courts and north of the restrooms will be closed from Monday, Jan. 31 through Friday, Feb. 4.

Workers pour new trail concrete

The closure will be in place to facilitate the demolition of the existing entry drive and construction of a new raised, colored crosswalk.

City officials expect access to the parking area to be reopened Friday afternoon, but noted in a release that parking will still be available in the remaining three parking lots at the park.

The project, which began in November, is part of the 2010 Capitol Improvement Plan and includes a complete replacement of the existing 6-foot wide asphalt park trail and the addition of a Light Emitting Diode (LED) trail lighting system.

For more information, contact Fayetteville Parks and Recreation at 479-444-3471.

Map of Wilson Park Trail (AccessFayetteville.org)