Photo: Todd Gill / Enlarge

With snowfall rates reaching 2 to 4 inches per hour Wednesday morning, it should come as no surprise that some areas in Fayetteville have already received 16 inches of powder.

Apparently, however, that’s nothing.

According to KFSM’s Garrett Lewis, Gentry is under nearly two feet of snow. “This is the heaviest local snow I’ve seen in my broadcast meteorology career,” tweeted Lewis.

We were able to make it into the office, but not everyone is having the same luck this morning. We saw about a half dozen cars stuck in the middle of the road. Not sliding, just stuck.

The #nwasnow11 page is in high gear again today, so feel free to join in the conversation, or just watch as the updates roll in. Also, don’t forget to tag your Flickr photos with “nwasnow11” so they’ll appear on the site.

Update: We’ve also fired up the wire today with a list of places that are open. We’ve found a few, and feel free to add to the list.

Stay warm and be careful if you venture out today.

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