Local artists Dana Idlet and Jo Ann Kaminsky seek project funding

Being a patron of the arts isn’t nearly as hard as it used to be. You don’t have to fund entire chapel renovation projects by yourself. Your name doesn’t have to be Medici. You don’t even have to be a Pope.

These days, helping to fund an art project is a simple as clicking a few clicks, typing a few letters and numbers, and donating a small portion of the cost of the project to help get it off the ground.

Local artists Dana Idlet and Jo Ann Kaminsky are seeking funding for two very different art projects via Kickstarter. Here’s some information on what they’re up to.

Dana Idlet – Where Hydrangeas Are Wildflowers

Dana is looking to fund a six-week artist residency in the Azores, a Portuguese archepalego of nine small islands in the mid-Atlantic. She’ll exhibit her paintings, drawings, and photographs she takes during the residency at her November 2011 show at Fayetteville Underground.

“I have decided to design a residency set in a natural environment that would be foreign to me, a place that would challenge me to radically change my perspective,” she said. “I feel a need to expand my awareness — you can only do so much when you only know so much. I crave emersion in an environment without the familiarity of the English language or Western culture. Most of all, I want to be alone with nature.”

Idlet as currently raised $3,672 of her $5,000 goal to fund her residency, and she is offering everything from pressed flowers and “mystery gifts” from the islands, to one-of-a-kind drawings to her backers. The funds will cover the costs of art supplies, housing, flights, food, ferry rides, and car rental for her trip.

More info about “Where Hydrangeas Are Wildflowers” can be found on Idlet’s Kickstarter page.

Jo Ann Kaminsky – Furthering the Puppet Experience-Thingumajig to Fayetteville

Artist Jo Ann Kaminsky is looking for funding to bring English puppeteers Thingumajig Theatre to town for a show on March 1st.

“Our first venture is to rent a theater for our friends, performers from England who are touring the United States currently with their show, ‘ A November Day,” a poignant story about a soldier in the First World War. It is a timeless fable of war and the miracle of friendship when all else seems lost,” Kaminsky says.

As of Tuesday morning, she has received 95% of her goal of $800, which would cover the cost to rent the theatre for the production. Those who choose to back the project can receive signed promotional posters, Puppets in the Park t-shirts, or a handmade puppet by Kaminsky.

More on her project can be found at her Kickstarter page.