Press release | Fayetteville Launches Pay-By-Phone Parking For Numbered Spaces in Entertainment District

Unedited release from City of Fayetteville

Fayetteville Launches Pay-By-Phone Parking For Numbered Spaces in Entertainment District

Beginning tomorrow, March 1, there is a new, innovative way to pay for parking in the numbered parking spaces in Fayetteville’s Entertainment District. The City of Fayetteville is proud to announce the official launch of Pay-By-Phone parking.

To introduce the program, we are offering free parking in numbered spaces in the Entertainment District for the first week (Tuesday, March 1, through Sunday, March 6) for those who register and pay for their numbered space through the Pay-By-Phone program. This introductory week, if you use the Pay-By-Phone option, your receipt will show the time and parking space number, but this new system will not begin charging until 2 p.m. on Monday, March 7.

“We are so excited to offer this convenient feature to our visitors of the Entertainment District,” said Sharon Waters, Parking and Telecommunications Manager. “Payments are processed immediately, usually within seconds. I think everyone will find this service so easy to use that they will never walk to a pay station again.”

To sign up for a free Pay-By-Phone account, you can register your cell phone number by visiting or by calling 1-888-450-PARK (7275). To set up your account, you will need your mobile phone number and Visa or MasterCard number. Information about this payment option and use of it will be displayed in various locations in the Entertainment District.

Once you are signed up, you can pay by phone through your mobile phone by calling 1-888-450-7275, you would then enter the location number for Fayetteville (which is #2525), then enter your parking space number, and then enter your desired parking time. There is a convenience fee of .35 cents per transaction when you use the Pay-By-Phone option.

When paying by cell phone, motorists may also opt to receive a text message reminder a few minutes before their time expires. They can then add more time to their parking session if required, greatly reducing the chance of a parking violation. An optional e-mail receipt is available for every transaction and a history of transactions is downloadable online at

This new service offers the following benefits, as were requested by the community in public meetings :
No need for cash or credit cards at the meter
No need to walk to a pay station
Text message reminder is sent to your phone when parking time is almost up
Receipt of payment is immediately e-mailed to your designated e-mail address
Extend parking time remotely from your phone to avoid citations
Pay for parking from the comfort and safety of your vehicle or from any location you are visiting
View and print parking receipts online

Fayetteville’s Pay-By-Phone service is provided by Verrus Mobile Technologies, Inc., part of the PayPoint Group. Verrus is a leader and innovator in the mobile payment technology sector. “We are pleased to be launching our service in Fayetteville,” said Verrus Co-Founder, David Spittel. “Pay-By-Phone takes the hassles out of everyday parking, drivers never have to search for the correct change or worry about rushing back to their car before their meter time is up.” Since 2001, Verrus has established a record of innovation and has been widely adopted in the parking industry, processing millions of mobile phone parking payments each year. For more information, please visit