Fayetteville announces pay-by-phone parking for Dickson Street area

Photo by Todd Gill / Enlarge
A new pay-by-phone program went into effect March 1 for the numbered parking spaces in the Dickson Street entertainment district.

As promised, the City of Fayetteville has implemented a new pay-by-phone option for the numbered spaces in the Dickson Street entertainment district.

The plan begins today (March 1), and for the first week, the city is offering free parking for those who enroll in the new program and use the pay-by-phone option between Tuesday, March 1 and Sunday, March 6.

You’ll need a cell phone and a valid Visa or Master Card to sign up, and you can do so by visiting the Pay-by-Phone website, or by calling 1-888-450-PARK (7275).

Signage on Dickson Street

Once you are enrolled, you’ll be able to call the above number, enter the code for Fayetteville (#2525), enter your space number, and then enter how many hours you’d like to park. The cost of using the pay-by-phone option is 35¢ per transaction.

Other features of the new program include the ability to set a text message reminder a few minutes before time expires, add more time via phone, and receive optional receipts for transactions via email.

City officials said that information about the new program will be posted in various locations in the Dickson Street area.

If I were you, I’d store the number (1-888-450-7275) in your phone. If you’re a smart phone user, it’s also probably a good idea to bookmark the website.