Fayetteville community raises over $18,000 for family of Bruce Walker

We live in an amazing place.

After a fire claimed the life of one of our own recently, the Fayetteville community came together to raise more than $18,000 for the family of Flying Possum Leather owner and iconic Dickson Street personality Bruce Walker.

A fundraiser and memorial at George’s Majestic Lounge netted nearly $17,000 to help cover funeral costs and cleanup expenses. A week later, a fundraiser at Jose’s added an estimated $1,400 to the fund which was delivered to Bruce’s brother Bob Walker.

Bob, who is still in town from California to help settle his brother’s affairs, said that the family is extremely grateful for the hospitality and generosity he’s experienced since he’s been in Fayetteville.

“It really helps,” Walker said. “You have a lot to worry about in a time like this, and it helps to know that at least that part of it is taken care of.”

Bob said that he has been working down at the store over the last few weeks, and plans to have a final sale of merchandise left in the shop toward the end of next week.

“We’re looking at Thursday, Friday and Saturday,” Walker said. “We’re not sure where yet, but we’ll have something there in front of the store to direct people on where to go. We’ve got a few places nearby that we’re considering.”

Update: The final sale of the remaining merchandise from Flying Possum Leather has been postponed. According to the family, the current plan is to have the sale during Fayetteville’s Springfest.