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There’s an Instagram party going on and you’re invited.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Instagram is a photo sharing application for the iPhone that allows you to take a picture, apply a filter, and share it with your followers or through a number of other social media services.

RIP Bill & Tony’s

While the best way to experience it is through the Instagram iPhone app, we post all our photos to our Flyer Tumblog. Some even make it onto the homepage of the Flyer.

As of today, nearly 150 people have started following the Flyer on Instagram and at 88 published photos, we’re finally started to find our groove.

For the most part, we share photos that are supplementary to our coverage on the Flyer. Occasionally, however, we’ll announce news and other tidbits before posting anything to our main website.

If you’re already using Instagram, just search for fvilleflyer.

If you just want to see our uploads, head on over to and poke around…if you wanna.