Introducing: Flyer Announcements

If you frequent the Fayetteville Flyer, you might have noticed that a new “Announcements” tab popped up in the navigation recently.

If you noticed that, you’re a very observant person. Good job.

We’ve had several requests to create a place for folks to post their own announcements on the site over the past few years, and after fine-tuning the section a bit recently, we’re happy to say that Flyer Announcements are ready to go.

Did you get engaged and want to tell the world? Did you have a baby? Planning a garage sale? Need volunteers for an upcoming non-profit event? Lose your dog? Find a dog?

There are 16 categories in our new section, and several folks have already submitted their own announcements for you to peruse.

To try it out, click add an announcement, select the appropriate category, and fill out the corresponding form. If it’s approved, your announcement should show up on the site within 48 hours.

Announcements appear on the homepage of the Flyer, and also show up in the latest feed mixed in with our other content.

» Visit Flyer Announcements