Subway coming to Garland Center on UA campus this summer

Photos: Todd Gill / Enlarge
A sign advertises a soon-to-be Subway sandwich shop at the Garland Center on the University of Arkansas campus.

It looks like $5 footlongs are about to be a lot more prevalent on the University of Arkansas campus.

A sign recently appeared for a Subway sandwich shop in the window of the retail space at the Garland Center, located at 616 North Garland Avenue, Suite 352 and 353.

Subway representative Michelle Culpepper confirmed today that the campus location should be open by this summer.

“It’s hard to tell with construction, but we think we’ll be open in 45-60 days,” she said.

Management opportunities available

The shop will become the sixth business to move into the Garland Center since it opened in July, 2010. The University of Arkansas Bookstore, 3 Spoons Frozen Yogurt, Walmart on Campus, Belle Boutique, and Enrich Salon are already operating in the retail space at the front of the facility which doubles as a parking deck.

Culpepper said that she is excited to be opening a Subway on the University of Arkansas campus.

“Our family has been doing Subways in the area for 20 years now, and we’ve been wanting to open a store on campus for a long time,” she said.

With over 33,749 restaurants worldwide, Subway officially surpassed McDonald’s as the largest restaurant chain in the world at the end of 2010.

If all goes as planned, the new restaurant will be open sometime in late May or early June.