Download new music from Messy Sparkles, Niall and The Kicker Knot

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Niall, The Kicker Knot, and Messy Sparkles all released new tracks this week.

There’s only one cure for weather as grody as what we’re experiencing today. New music.

As it happens, locals Messy Sparkles, Niall, and The Kicker Knot have all released new material recently, and all of it is available to download via Bandcamp.

Niall and The Kicker Knot released a split full-length together earlier this week as a free download. There are five tracks on the record from Niall, and The Kicker Knot contributed six. I’m no math expert, that that’s at least 11 free tracks.

Messy Sparkles released a four-song EP entitled Needers this morning, and it’s available to download on a name-your-price basis.

Get yourself some new tunes, if you want.

Niall/The Kicker Knot Split

Album: Niall/The Kicker Knot Split
Cost: Free
Released: April 13, 2011

Needers EP by Messy Sparkles

Album: Needers EP
Cost: Name your price
Released: April 15, 2011