Hogs Guy Predicts: Red-White Game

Hello friends and friendly readers of this blog in Fayetteville and or most of the world. I am Hogs Guy and I L-O-V-E the Arkansas Razorbacks Collegiate Football team and probably any thing about the same football team. It has been a while for the football talk, probably since January 4th date. That date was a saddened day for any Hog fan ever. Here’s why. It was the last football contest forever for Bryan Malletts. It was also the last football contest forever for DJ DJ Williams. Last fact slash reason was because the Razorbacks played in a foot bowl game for sugar and lost it all to the entire state of Ohio cheaters footballers. It was not a fun game time or life time.

But that’s all over and okay and because we will win it all every time in the future years. At least that is what Big Head Coach Bobby Petrino tells reporters and semi-historians. Probably.

This weekend the Arkansas football squad is going to play a fake game against what is the toughest team in football world. The Arkansas Razorbacks Red Guys will be playing against the Arkansas Razorbacks White Men. And if I ever said that I hated life about 100 and loved it about 100 at the same time, that is a lie. Why. Because I never did. But I did just now. No lies from no bodys.

And get it! ESPNTVStation will be recording it all and putting it on national airwaves. It is a move that Arkansas leaders planned to get every other team really scared for Fall football time.

Just think about it hard. This is the biggest ever game that Coaching Petrino doesn’t want to make his players play. Who in the heck does he route for? Who in the heck does he route versus? Who in the heck every thing?

From what football experts say, this game will either not count nor give the Hogs a win or a loss and will answer questions that football people have asked about the Fall time team. I did a search thing on Hot Bot dot com and found these top 6 questions that pretty much everyone I know of is going to ask or has already asked on a blog web site home page about the Fall time Razorback team:

1. Who in the big world will replace Ryan Malletts at quarterback throw guy? Will it be Tyler Laser Wilson? Or Brandon Witch Mitchell?

2. Can Knife Knile Davis still be a really good runner back? Or is it time for another man?

3. Greg Childs and his leg?

4. Will the offending line guys be too kiddy or good rookies or both or neither?

5. Is Defending Head Coach Willy Robinson going to be with a mustache and or not? And what will his defending team be better at?

6. Are the gambling odds still 134:1 that the Hogs will not win it all every time?

Don’t ask me how this game will turn out for winners and losers. Okay, do. Trick. Do not. And if you’re wanting to take me on in a bet, you can. I think this is how the game will turn out – Arkansas Razorbacks Red Guys 67, Arkansas Razorbacks White Men 67. If you think you can beat me, first off, you can’t. Get a life. Second off, tell me YOUR score guess below. I’d say good luck, but you’ve already lost. And don’t even think about guessing AGAINST the Hogs because you honestly can’t and that would be real dumb. If you did I don’t even know what would happen. But I bet most wind fans everywhere would spin air backwards and basketball slam dunk shots would cost $50 EVERY TIME. There isn’t enough dollar bills for that and 17 slam dunk shot competitions to be held annually yearly.

I’m Hogs Guy. Bye.

Arkansas Red-White Game

Teams: Arkansas Razorbacks vs. Arkansas Razorbacks
Location: Fayetteville, AR
Day: Saturday, April 16, 2011
Time: 3:00 p.m.
Media: ESPN

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