Floods cause major damage to Frisco Trail

Photo by Todd Gill / Enlarge
A jogger passes by a closed portion of Frisco Trail that suffered severe flood damage in late April.

Last week’s floods caused severe damage to a section of Frisco Trail causing an indefinite lane closure.

A large portion of the streamside slope leading up to the trail was washed away which caused pieces of the path’s asphalt to tear apart and fall into the creek.

Looking north

As a result, a city crew constructed a semi-permanent fence closing off the southbound lane from trail traffic.

The damage is bad enough that Trails Coordinator Matt Mihalevich was hesitant to speculate on when repairs would even be started, let alone complete.

“It’s going to require a lot of money,” said Mihalevich. “It’ll need a full design, engineering, consultants, everything.”

Mihalevich said the worst case scenario could leave the trail in some level of disrepair for up to a full year.

The city’s transportation department last week spent a few days documenting flood-related damage to city property in hopes of helping the county meet a required dollar figure of $664,000 in uninsured losses to be eligible for federal disaster relief.

“We’re certainly hoping for FEMA assistance,” said Mihalevich. “In the meantime, we’re really glad we were able to keep the one lane open.”

The closed section of trail is about 50 feet long and is just south of the Center Street trail crossing.