Fayetteville High School students make a ‘Firework’ video

Fayetteville High school students created a video for Katy Perry’s “Firework” last week.

Wanna get crazy-famous in three easy steps? Step one: make a lip-dub video to Katy Perry’s Firework. Step two: post it on YouTube.

OK, two easy steps.

Some University of Arkansas students followed that formula to fame back in February, and last week, most of the student body at Fayetteville High School got into the act.

The FHS version of the video is inspired by one created by students at Magnolia High School in Texas, and follows a new student (played by FHS senior Keegan Whicker) enrolling at Fayetteville High School. After talking with a guidance counselor (played by FHS counselor Lesli Zeagler), the student is introduced to members of the “Dawg Crew,” and the continuous-shot video follows the new student on a tour of the high school, ending in a pep-rally style celebration in the gymnasium.

The video was produced by Peggy James’ FHS TV class, and according to James, around 900 students from about 50 clubs and organizations participated in the video shoot on Friday.

“We invited all groups, clubs, athletics, classes – anybody who wanted to and could organize a group. Some formed as late as the day of the shoot. I wanted as many as I could get as long as a teacher would be with that group in a designated location for leadership,” James said.

James said that the students walked through the continuous shot once, had one dress rehearsal, and the final product came from the first filmed take. She also said she hopes to make another video with students next year.

“The kids had a marvelous time. We are going to do it again next year,” she said. “This one will be used with new students next fall to let them see all the cool things that we do here.”

Since it was posted to YouTube on Saturday, it has already been viewed more than 4,800 times.

Good job, Fayetteville High.