The Flyer’s Instagram account gets some props

We were excited to find out yesterday that the Flyer’s Instagram account was featured on an Instagram blog post titled, “Getting Your News on Instagram.”

Prompted by a recent New York Times article on how Instagram users spread the word about Osama bin Laden’s death through the iPhone photo app, the Instagram team highlighted a few news organizations that they believe are “leading the way in communicating the latest news through photos.”

Getting a mention is always great, but we were especially honored to be included in the company of NBC News, ABC News, NPR, and CNN.

From the post:

@fvilleflyer shares photos of everything from new restaurants spots and civil issues to bank robberies. It’s a fun account to follow, even if you don’t live in Fayetteville.

If you’re already using Instagram with your iPhone, just search for fvilleflyer and you’ll find us.

Not an iPhone user? No biggie. If you just want to see our photos, we keep an archive at

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