Local opportunities to help the Joplin tornado victims

As you probably know, a tornado struck Joplin, Missouri Sunday, May 22, leaving the small city just 86 miles north of Fayetteville completely devastated.

There are several ways that we can help our neighbors to the north.

Below is a list of some of the places around town that are collecting supplies to help relief efforts in Joplin, and feel free to add to the list in the comments.

There are also several ways to help listed on a newly-created Facebook page, NW Arkansas Helping Joplin, MO.

Places to drop off supplies

Adventure Subaru
Address: 2781 N. College Fayetteville, AR
Phone: 479-251-2175
Accepting: Ready-to-eat nonperishable food items, canned goods, can openers, snacks such as crackers and granola bars, diapers, paper products such as paper plates, eating utensils, paper towels and toilet paper

Ozark Natural Foods
Address: 1554 N. College Avenue, Fayetteville, AR
Phone: 479-442-9171
Accepting: Non perishable food and other supplies
Accepting items until: May 29

Keller Williams Realty
Address: 2434 E. Joyce Blvd., Ste. 6
Phone: 479-718-2800
Accepting: Diapers, Wipes, Bottled Water, Towels, Blankets, Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, Band-Aids, Shampoo, Conditioner, Baby Food, Formula, Soap, Toilet Paper, Neosporin, Flip Flops, Pet Food or anything someone would need if they lost their home.
Accepting items until: May 24, 12 p.m.

JJ’s Grill
Address: 1271 N. Steamboat Drive Suite 7, Fayetteville, AR
Phone: 479-443-0700
Accepting: Canned goods, clothing, water and supplies

Pro Image
Address: 4155 Steele Blvd, Fayetteville, AR
Phone: 479-251-7040
Accepting: Blankets, bottled water, food, diapers, clothing

Cross Church
Address: 3484 West Wedington Drive, Fayetteville
Phone: 479-695-5200
Accepting: Bottled water, toiletries, packaged snacks, wipes, hand sanitizer, diapers, tarps, flashlights, batteries, storage containers, work gloves, new linens & pillows, toilet paper, sleeping bags, wash cloths

Fayetteville Athletic Club
Address: 2920 E Zion Road, Fayetteville, AR
Phone: 479-587-0500
Accepting: Tarps, flashlights, batteries, sleeping bags, toiletries, etc.

Fayetteville Fire Stations
Address: 303 W. Center Street
ccepting: Non-perishable food and water

Fayetteville Fire Station 2
Address: 708 North Garland Avenue
Accepting: Non-perishable food and water

Fayetteville Fire Station 3
Address: 1050 S. Happy Hollow Road
Accepting: Non-perishable food and water

Fayetteville Fire Station 4
Address: 3385 Plainview Drive
Accepting: Non-perishable food and water

Fayetteville Fire Station 5
Address: 2979 N. Crossover Road
Accepting: Non-perishable food and water

Fayetteville Fire Station 6
Address: 900 Hollywood Avenue
Accepting: Non-perishable food and water

Fayetteville Fire Station 7
Address: 835 N Rupple Road
Accepting: Non-perishable food and water

Harps on Crossover
Address: 1780 N Crossover Rd
Phone: 479-571-2555
Accepting items until: May 26

Mellow Mushroom
Address: 1460 East Augustine Lane
Phone: 479-521-1001
Accepting: Bottled water, hygiene products, coloring books and crayons, blankets, ziplock bags, diapers, baby formula, wipes

Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce
Address: 123 W. Mountain
Phone: 479-521-1791
Accepting: First-aid kits, toiletries, water bottles, water (gallon jugs), blankets, non-perishable canned foods, extension cords, generators, diapers, formula, sensitive formula for colic, baby wipes
Accepting items until: June 1

Address: 19 Block Ave, Fayetteville, AR
Phone: 479-571-4000
Accepting: Tarps
Accepting items until: May 25, 4 p.m.
Additional info: Everyone who donates a tarp before 4 p.m. on Wednesday, May 25 will receive a $25 gift card.

Vintage Foundations
Address: 121 W. South St., Fayetteville, AR
Phone: 479-521-2444
Accepting: Baby supplies, bedding, water, non-perishables, toiletries, charcoal, lighter fluid, can-openers (the by-hand kind), etc.

Address: 2217 North College, Fayetteville, AR
Phone: 479-587-8325
Accepting: food, water, dipers, toilet paper, gloves, band aids, soap, dog food, cat food

Glo Tanning
Address: 1121 W Martin Luther King Blvd, Fayetteville, AR
Phone: 479-966-4977
Accepting: Water, non perishable food, towels, wash cloths, toiletries, clothes, diapers, baby wipes

Masons on Joyce
Address: 1350 E Joyce Blvd, Fayetteville, AR
Phone: 479-571-0100
Accepting: Toilet Paper, Band-aids, Alcohol Wipes, Soap, Toothbrushes/ Toothpaste, Dog/Cat Food, Baby Wipes, Diapers, Water
Additional Info: Masons on Joyce is collecting medical and toiletry supplies. Drop off your items and receive a $10 coupon.

Others ways to help

American Red Cross
Donate: Missouri Tornado & Flood Relief
More Info: Individuals can donate by visiting redcross.org, by calling 800-RED-CROSS. Cell phone users can text the word “REDCROSS” to 90999 to make a $10 donation. Messaging fees may apply.

Walton Arts Center and the Arkansas Music Pavilion are also accepting donations to benefit the local chapter of the American Red Cross at all events scheduled for this week.

Wakarusa is also matching donations for Joplin relief from now until May 27.

Community Blood Center of the Ozarks
According to a post on the Community Blood Center of the Ozarks Facebook page, emergency response for tornado victims has been halted for now due to an overwhelming response in the last 24 hours.

From the post:

Blood donors still need to keep giving blood, but any emergency response for tornado victims can be halted for now. Thank you for supporting local patients!