Flyer Guide: First Thursday – June 2011

First Thursday Fayetteville makes its third official appearance of 2011 this evening.

The monthly event, held on the downtown Fayetteville square, celebrates original works of art and includes an outdoor art walk, live music, and a charity beer garden. Additionally, participating galleries and art-related venues offer free access to visual and performing art starting at 5 p.m.

Here’s what we know is happening at tonight’s event.

On the square

Two streets will be blocked off around the square to make room for a kids’ zone, a charity beer garden, and nearly 30 artists who will be set up along the street including Sarah Leflar, Holly Ertel, Liz Cantwell, and Kelley Wilks.

» See a full list of the art walk artists

Expect activity at Kathy P. Thompson Studios, Matt Miller studio and various other downtown businesses including Hjem Restaurant and the Town Center gallery which will feature Memphis artist Danny Broadway.

This month’s live music will be provided by Jed Clampit.

Free parking will be available after 5 p.m. at the Town Center garage and city lots just off the square.

Fayetteville Underground

As one of the founding galleries of First Thursday, Fayetteville Underground features a set of art exhibition openings during the monthly event. This month will see four artists including Fayetteville’s own Hank Kaminksy.

Fayetteville Underground is located in the downstairs section of East Square Plaza.

Sean Fitzgibbon Altered Perceptions
Revolver Gallery

Sean Fitzgibbon’s work is composed of drawn and painted pieces, juxtaposed images that explore concepts of mystery and perception. Most pieces involve the element of space as a way to draw the viewer in. His work often incorporates figures and architecture as a way to demonstrate life and the passage of time.

“As society becomes more globalized and technologically advanced,” said Fitzgibbon, “I find myself inundated with stimuli and imagery from many different sources. Through my work, I attempt to display a beauty and order derived from multiple images as a way to reflect this.”

William Mayes FlanaganEdge of Night
Vault Gallery

William Flanagan looks for the mysterious within the familiar, and wants viewers to feel it, too. His work has a strong sense of place that can be experienced with all the senses. You will hear the cicadas, feel the night breeze and smell the damp earth when you look at his atmospheric watercolors.

“I’m interested in change,” he said. “The signs of change, the moments that we see change happening around us, our perception of the almost imperceptible transition from light to dark and from shape to shadow. My work has always balanced on the edge of night, where the moon and the lone lamp glow.”

Sharon KillianNature’s Challenge
Hive Gallery

Sharon Killian has worked in a variety of drawing and painting media, as well as in printmaking, photography and sculpture. She primarily uses a formalist approach to express her thinking about line.

Living on a hill east of Fayetteville overlooking the White River and the Ozark Mountains provides her with an expansive view of the western and northern skies and nature continually challenges her to create a response through her work with formalist parameters. “This series of sunsets,” she said, “are my response to nature’s challenge.”

Hank Kaminksy
E Street Gallery

Hank’s primary focus has been the exploration of intersections, the way that energy, ideas, things and people come together to come forth with new forms. Each piece tells a story, which gives the audience a personal way into his art making process.

“I come to this work with broad experience,” said Kaminsky. “Over my 52-year career, my work has appeared in many manifestations from tiny jewelry forms to major monumental sculptures”

This month, Kaminsky will show his smaller work such as jewelry and small sculptures.