Single-space parking meters back on Block Avenue

Staff photos
As far as the parking meters on Block Avenue are concerned, the old is the new…is the old.

The new, multi-space parking meters that were recently installed along Block Avenue had a much shorter life span than anyone could’ve estimated. That’s right, they’re already gone.

City crews spent most of last week drilling new holes in front of each parking space to bring back the single-space meters that lined the street before the Block Avenue enhancement project began last spring.

Soon-to-be single-space meter

We asked the city’s transportation services director, Terry Gulley, what was up and he told us there was way too much confusion over how to operate the new machines so his team decided to revert to the old meters.

Gulley said parking staff was writing tons of tickets and fielding even more complaints, some from Block Avenue business owners who were worried about the onslaught of tickets being issued.

The machines seemed pretty simple to us—look at the letter painted behind your parking space and push the appropriate button on the meter—but hey, we’re technological innernet website people.

It was aesthetics that spurred the idea. “We went with the new, multi-space machines to try and keep the number of meters down,” said Gulley, “but people aren’t adjusting at all.”

Too much new, too soon? Must be.

The replacement work should be complete this week. Until then, if you’re looking to save a quarter or two, just park in a space that hasn’t been upgraded yet. No meter=no fee.