Fayetteville Farmers’ Market finishes fifth in national competition

Staff photo

Well, Fayetteville. We tried our best.

The America’s Favorite Farmers Markets contest, hosted by American Farmland Trust ended earlier this week, and Fayetteville’s market finished fifth in the large market category.

Only Las Cruces, New Braunfels, Snellville, and Pepper Place finished ahead of the good guys.

Here’s what the folks from the Fayetteville Farmers’ Market had to say about it on Facebook.

We know, it’s not No. 1, but it’s also not No. 479, right? We ended up with 2,133 votes, and we’re pleased as punch to have them. Thanks to everyone who voted, and voted again. We’re compelled to customize a quote from Sally Field. “You like us, you really like us!”

The Fayetteville market may not have won this time, but they’re still be best.