Daily Flyer: Monday, Sept. 5

Cleveland-based HotChaCha are at Smoke & Barrel Tavern Monday night with Summer People. This show has been moved to tomorrow.

Local Notes

Broken arm

They came, they cheered, and apparently, they spent their last five bucks before driving home. On our way to work this morning, we noticed a broken gate arm at one of the WAC parking lot exits. (Flickr)

Following the recent controversial resignation of Fayetteville Public Library Executive Director Shawna Thorup, a second administrator quit last week after 14 years of service. Administrative Director Cathy Rew told the NWA Times her early retirement is a result of what she says was an “injustice” in Thorup’s treatment. (NWAOnline)

After a young driver hit the gas pedal instead of the brakes, his vehicle plowed through the front of La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant on Zion Road yesterday. There were no injuries. (KNWA)

Happy Birthday!

Locals: Barry Herzog, Brandon Allen, Cari Manuel-Lewis, Camron McAhren, Colby Berna, Celine Fillaud-Simpson, Emily Bishop, Elaine Ball, Matthew Couch, Kathryn Weldon, Sara Bartlett, Alan Wilbourn, Stacie Pepin, and Lisa Jetter.
Others: Comedian-actor Bob Newhart is 82, actor George Lazenby is 72, actress Raquel Welch is 71, cartoonist Cathy Guisewite (“Cathy”) is 61, actor Michael Keaton is 60, drummer Brad Wilk (Rage Against the Machine) is 43, and actress Rose McGowan is 38.

Monday To-do

As far as we know, tonight’s show at Smoke & Barrel is still a go. However, after checking the scheduled bands’ Facebook pages, we’re a little concerned. NY-based Summer People list tonight’s show as being in Fayetteville, Ak (Alaska) and Cleveland’s HotChaCha posted something about playing in “laffayete” this evening. Here’s hoping they make it to Arkansas.

Kidding, of course. They’re common mistakes. That’s why we made this shirt.

According to the folks at Smoke & Barrel, this show has been moved to tomorrow, Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2011.

The rest of tonight’s calendar is pretty slim, but hey, it’s a holiday.

Enjoy the day off if you’ve got it.

The list

JJ’s Grill: Mike & Grady
The Perk: Live acoustic jam
Smoke & Barrel Tavern: Summer People / HotChaCha

Public Meetings

City holiday – no meetings


Summer People