Fayetteville street closures for 2011 Bikes, Blues & BBQ

Photo by Todd Gill / Enlarge
Bikers cruise along Dickson Street for the Parade of Power during Bikes, Blues & BBQ on Oct. 2, 2010.

We received some information from the Fayetteville Police Department Tuesday afternoon concerning Bikes, Blues & BBQ.

Besides stepping up patrols for the expected population increase over the next few days, a few roads will be closed and some changes to paid parking will soon take effect.

From the release:

Fayetteville Police will be enforcing all laws concerning alcohol consumption in public by adults and minors, careless and reckless driving, rapid throttle advancement (engine revving), controlled substance possession and delivery, indecent exposure and all other laws that may aid in making this rally a safe event.

Street Closures

Wednesday and Thursday – Sgt. Craig Stout says there are currently no plans to close Dickson Street or West Avenue to vehicle traffic on Wednesday or Thursday.

“If motorcycle or pedestrian safety dictates a closure,” he added, “we will re-evaluate the situation.”

Friday – Street closures on Friday are scheduled to begin at noon. Dickson Street will be closed from St. Charles Avenue to Arkansas Avenue. West Avenue will initially be closed from Spring Street to Watson Street, but as the day progresses, the closure will extend to Lafayette Street.

Saturday – Planned street closures on Saturday are scheduled to begin at 9 a.m. Dickson Street will be closed from St. Charles Avenue to Arkansas Avenue. West Avenue will be closed from Spring Street to Lafayette Street.

Stout said all of the street closures are subject to change.


Parking on Dickson Street will be limited at certain times of the day throughout the entire rally. Each morning, crews will place signs at various locations indicating where vehicles must be removed from Dickson Street. Citizens are encouraged to pay close attention to these signs and have their vehicles removed by the designated time.

Also, electronic signs will be placed on College Avenue informing motorists what lanes are for event traffic.

A portion of the downtown paid parking area will be suspended during Bikes, Blues & BBQ, but Stout said residential permitted and paid parking will be enforced in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Pets and BBBQ

The police news release also reminds citizens that Fayetteville city law prohibits animals inside the event area, unless, of course, they’re service animals.