Tanglewood Branch Beer Co. owner prepares to open on S. School Ave.

Staff photo
With a sign in place and renovations nearly complete, Tanglewood Branch Beer Co. is set to open Tuesday night at 1434 S. School Avenue in Fayetteville.

When Tanglewood Branch Beer Co. owner J.T. Wampler told us back in August that he’d be opening his new neighborhood pub in South Fayetteville in late September, we thought he was being a bit optimistic.

As it turns out, it looks as though the former newspaper-photographer-turned-pub-owner will deliver on that promise. Barring an unforeseen setback, Wampler plans to open his new watering hole at 1431 S. School Avenue tonight (9/27).

Wampler posted on his Facebook page on Monday that he had passed his city, ABC, and health department inspections, and that he’d be opening today. He confirmed those plans with us this morning.

“Yeah, we plan on opening tonight,” he said. “I hope so, anyway, ’cause I just bought a ton of food.”

Wampler told us back in August that the new pub would serve a variety of Panini sandwiches, and would offer discounts and incentives for those who walked or biked to the pub.

He said that he plans to open with “other people’s beer,” but hopes to begin brewing some of his own soon. The bar was approved for a Native Brewers license by the state of Arkansas, and now just needs federal approval.

Once the legal requirements are met, Wampler will focus on brewing some of his specialties, including an IPA, a Bavarian Wheat, and an original creation he calls a “Proper 1420.”

A specific time for opening tonight was still up in the air as of this afternoon.

“There’s still a lot of work to do between now and then,” Wampler said. “Come down and check it out.”