First beers from West Mountain Brewing Co. almost ready to taste

Staff photo
The ‘coming soon’ portion of the sign in the window of West Mountain Brewing Company should be gone soon. The first beers brewed at the location will be ready to taste this weekend.

It has taken over 13 years, but something is finally brewing at West Mountain Brewing Company on the Fayetteville square.

That something is beer.

Brewmaster Andy Coates, who has worked for craft breweries The Great Divide in Denver and Goose Island in Chicago, informed us on Wednesday that his first three creations are almost ready to taste.

“We are finally getting ready to put our fresh house beer on draft up at West Mountain Brewing,” he said. “The beers will go on tap this weekend.”

Coates said that his first three beers are an American Pale Ale (Coates describes as ‘Sierra Nevada with a bit more hops’), an American IPA (‘The American Pale Ale’s big brother. Lots of hops!’), and a Brown Ale (‘Light bodied and drinkable. Roasty with coffee/chocolate and honey flavors.’)

All three of the freshly-brewed beers will be ready in time for happy hour on Friday, Nov. 4.

Tim’s Pizza owner John Schmuecker began his quest to brew beer at the location in the late 90’s, but all kinds of problems with equipment and personnel led him to abandon the project on multiple occasions.

Now it appears that the long wait for some new Fayetteville-brewed beers will finally be over.

“I’ve been waiting 10 years for this, so it’s kind of anti-climactic for me at this point,” Schmuecker told us back in April.

Something tells us, however, that after all this time, scraping that “coming soon” decal off the glass window facing the Fayetteville square will be more gratifying than Schmuecker is letting on.