Flyer Profile: BRONCHO

You probably know Jonathan Ford from his other band Unwed Sailor. The band played countless shows at Clunk Music Hall, the old JR’s, and at Dickson Theater.


They played intricate, emotional instrumental post rock before, during, and after it was considered cool to play intricate, emotional instrumental post rock. They also hold the title of Band Most Likely To Have Slept On Your Floor.

I’m happy to write that you can meet Jonathan Ford again, for the very first time, with his new project BRONCHO.

BRONCHO is a band that sings, also a band that requires all caps. Some might say punk, a few might say garage, a lot of people would listen and think about the glory days of rock and roll and get a little sad. Please take delight in the fact that BRONCHO is all of these things, and maybe more.

Go ahead and listen to their debut record, and you may want to see their debut Fayetteville show 9 p.m. Saturday night (Nov. 19) at JR’s Lightbulb Club. Hot Springs band The Holy Shakes and locals Egyptr will open.

I asked Jonathan Ford some questions about stuff and he had enough time to answer.

RB: BRONCHO’s a lot different than Unwed Sailor. How did the band form, and what’s the status of Unwed Sailor?
JF: BRONCHO was formed when Ryan Lindsey (singer/guitarist) wrote a few songs and sent them over to me to see what I thought. I completely fell in love with them, and said that we should start a band. I booked a show, and two years later here we are. Unwed Sailor and BRONCHO are two completely different entities. It’s actually hard to think about them at the same time. They occupy two different parts of my mind. Unwed Sailor is in the process of writing and recording a new record.

RB: I like your video (see below), it takes me back a little. How was that filmed? Any stories behind the video?
JF: Our friends at Delo Creative shot that video. They shoot all the Flaming Lips stuff. We were super excited to find out that they loved our record, and wanted to shoot as many videos with us as possible. The video was shot in Norman, Oklahoma. We would run into businesses – guerilla style – and set up our equipment, and start making a racket. It was a great day. We actually set up right in front of a guy preaching to some kids in the middle of the college square. He kept yelling at us, and calling us heathens.

RB: Debut records are a challenge for most bands. How long did the you on it, and what can people expect to hear?
JF: The album happened fairly fast. Ryan had recorded three or four of the songs before the band actually came together. We took those songs in and added my bass to them, and Ben’s guitar. We wrote one of the songs in the studio as we were recording the album. It’s a loud, straight to the point record. I like to describe it as punk rock/garage pop.

RB: What are BRONCHO’s non-musical influences?
JF: Thats something I would need to ponder for a while, but I am sure girls would be on the list.

RB: What will you be reading in the van on tour?
JF: My favorite tour book of all time is Henry Rollins’ Get in the Van. We haven’t done much of reading in the van lately, mostly just talking and listening to talk radio.

RB: You’ve been through Faytteville many times, any interesting stories?
JF: I have been to alot of haunted places in Fayetteville. Mostly houses with weird energies and creepy feelings. I have always liked Fayetteville, and it’s actually been a long time since I have been back, so i am looking forward to it.

BRONCHO, The Holy Shakes, Egyptr

Date: Saturday, Nov. 19, 2011
Time: 9 p.m.
Place: Lightbulb Club, 19 N. Block Ave., Fayetteville
Admission: $3