Something Better vegan restaurant coming to Fayetteville in Evelyn Hills Shopping Center

Staff photo
The space at 1466 N. College Ave will soon be home to a vegan restaurant called Something Better

Quickly, off the top of your head, name all the dedicated vegan restaurants you can think of in Fayetteville.

How many did you get? We’re guessing zero, because outside of some take-out options and a handful of vegan items on the back pages of a few menus, there aren’t many choices for our local herbivores.

That will soon change when a new vegan restaurant called Something Better opens in Evelyn Hills Shopping Center.

The restaurant will be located in the space recently occupied by Tiamo at 1466 N. College Ave.

Something Better is a project by vegan chef GW Chew, who recently moved to the area from Maryland.

Chew said he plans to serve sandwiches, wraps, salads, and pizzas using only plant-based ingredients.

“You can wrap it, pack it, or stack it,” he told us. “That’s what we like to say, and no matter what you choose, it’s all really good for you.”

Chew, who is also a manufacturer of a meat-substitute product called Better Than Meat and an advocate for healthy eating, said he hopes the community will embrace the concept.

“I know there’s really nothing like it around here,” he said. “We hope it will do well.”

Chew said building renovations are nearly complete and if all goes according to plan, Something Better will be open for business on Sunday, Dec. 4.