Art Amiss music compilations to be archived on Bandcamp

Album art

Thanks to the Fayetteville Public Library’s Project Fayetteville digital image archive, we recently learned a little more about what Fayetteville used to look like.

Now, if Art Amiss music director Eric Jensen has his way, future residents of Fayetteville will be able to gain perspective on what Arkansas sounded like. Well, at least from 2005 on.

Jensen, who has been involved with the organization for the last several years, has created a Bandcamp page with the intent to collect a digital archive of Art Amiss compilation CD’s. There are around 14 of the discs believed to be in existence, the first of which is already available to listen to and download on the newly-created page.

The 20-track album, titled simply “Art Amiss Compilation,” was released in January of 2005 at the second ever Art Amiss event (there was no compilation at Art Amiss I), and features only artists from Arkansas (several of which are/were from Fayetteville).

Jensen said that he will release the compilations one at a time, and that he already has the next one, as well as about 8 others ready to upload.

He’s still looking for copies of the compilations from Art Amiss 4, 5, and 6, however. (Does anybody have those lying around?)

Art Amiss also plans to release a brand new metal compilation in January, 2012, the release date for which will be released soon, Jensen said.

The compilations will be free to listen to, and you can download them along with the original artwork for $3-5 each.

All of the proceeds from the downloads will benefit Art Amiss, the not-for-profit art collective based in Fayetteville created to help Arkansas artists.