Who should play in Fayetteville? Nelly, J. Cole, or Kid Cudi?

The University of Arkansas Headliner Concerts Committee is using a Facebook poll to help gauge interest in three potential hip-hop performers for the upcoming season.

Poll choices include multiple Grammy-winner Nelly, and multiple Grammy-nominees J. Cole, and Kid Cudi.

The committee is a student-run and student fee-based organization that hosts large concert events on the University of Arkansas campus in Fayetteville. Past performers include Snoop Dogg, Foo Fighters, and John Mayer.

From the poll:

HCC assures you that other genres are being considered this semester; this poll is for one concert in particular.

Tickets to the shows, which are free for university students, are usually sold in a limited supply to the public.

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Nelly – Country Grammar (Hot…)

J. Cole – Work Out

Kid Cudi – Pursuit Of Happiness (ft. MGMT)