Former Music Hall owner plans new bar inside ‘The Dickson’

A vacant space next door to Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt on the bottom floor of The Dickson will soon be home to a new bar international dive bar called Nomads DownUnder.

Staff photo, Fayetteville Flyer

The former owner of The Music Hall is planning to open a new bar on Dickson Street.

Jeremy Brown, who was the final owner of the all-ages music venue located on College Avenue, traveled abroad for a few years after closing up shop. Brown said he plans to incorporate elements from his travels into a new bar called Nomads DownUnder which is set to open on the bottom floor of The Dickson, located at 609 W. Dickson St.

“I guess I’d call it an international dive bar,” Brown said, of his vision for the new establishment.

Brown’s vision also includes serving food until 4 a.m., including salads, soups, and the Vegemite sandwiches he acquired a taste for during his time in Australia.

The bar will also try out a late-night taxi and sandwich delivery service for patrons who’ve had a little too much to drink.

“You’ll have to come to the bar and order your delivery,” said Brown. “Then, we’ll deliver you home with your sandwich.”

Nomads DownUnder will host occasional live music, Brown said, with a focus on local, indie, and acoustic music.

The bar is in the very early stages of the permitting process, but if all goes according to plan, Brown said he hopes to be open sometime in May.