REVIEW: Moose Drool Brown Ale

Photo by J.T. Wampler

This week’s beer: Moose Drool Brown Ale by Big Sky Brewing Co. in Missoula Montana.

This ale pours a chocolate brown with a sticky head that lingers long after the pour and leaves a luxurious lacing down the glass.

The nose is malty with hints of chocolate and a wisp of cocoa.

The flavor has notes of milk chocolate, coffee, and caramel. There is an earthy aftertaste like slightly burnt bread with nuts, but it’s not unpleasant and each sip is better than the last. There’s just enough hops present to keep it from being too sweet but not enough to detract from its malt backbone.

This is definitely one of the better brown ales out there. It has a pleasing depth of character without being over the top.

At only 5.3% alcohol, it’s a nice session beer worth trying.

Note: This beer is not available in Northwest Arkansas, but can be purchased just over the Missouri border at Macadoodles.

Pair with pork chops and brown gravy.

Rating: 4



J.T Wampler
J.T. is a contributor for the Fayetteville Flyer and writes the “It’s All About the Beer” column. He is also the owner and brewer at the Tanglewood Branch Beer Co., located at 1431 S. School Ave. in Fayetteville.
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