Bobby Petrino’s $2.5 million house is for sale

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Wanna see what Bobby Petrino’s $2.5 million Fayetteville home looks like?

We ask because it’s for sale and you can check out the listing for the property or take a virtual tour online.

Located at 4518 E. Bridgewater Ln. in Fayetteville, the house matches the address listed on a state police report for Petrino’s April 1 motorcycle accident.

The six-bedroom, nine-bathroom house is just under 8,800 square feet on a 2.97-acre lot just off Mission Boulevard.

According to the listing, the house was designed by Dallas architect David Viosca, and was built in 2007.

Reports surfacing today seem to suggest the property listing is directly related to Petrino’s recent firing, but the house has actually been on the market since May 6, 2010.

Of course, Petrino is probably a little more motivated now to sell it now.