Tanglewood Branch Beer Co. debuts first brews Monday

J.T. Wampler, owner and brewmaster of Tanglewood Branch Beer Company, pours a glass of his East Kent Goldings IPA Monday afternoon from a custom tap made by local artist Rae Russell.

Photo: Dustin Bartholomew, Flyer staff

In case you missed it in the Daily Flyer this morning, there are some new Fayetteville brews available to taste at Tanglewood Branch Beer Company.

Owner and brewmaster J.T. Wampler will officially unveil the first of his locally-brewed creations beginning at 3 p.m. Monday, May 7.

Wampler’s first five brews include a Black IPA, a South Side Porter (named after the south side of Fayetteville), a pale ale, an EKG IPA (made with East Kent Goldings hops), and one Wampler calls “The Fifth’s Ale” (named after the pub’s mug club, “The Fifth Legion“).

Each of the inaugural brews is poured from a specially-made tap, created by local artist Rae Russell from roots found on her property.

Eight other creations will be unveiled soon, Wampler told us.

“Right now, we’re trying to get some feedback and see what everybody likes,” he said. “We had a preview event last night for our Fifth Legion mug club members, and we went through about 15 gallons of beer. It was a resounding success.”

Wampler opened the pub in September 2011. He was approved by the federal government to begin brewing in March.

He said he hopes to have a big crowd for the official unveiling.

“Last night night’s preview event was pretty laid back,” he said. “Tonight, I’m going to be ready to get in the back and wash some glasses. It’s going to be fun.”