A&P Commission awards nearly $160,000 in spring special funding meeting

Fayetteville Public Library Director of Development Susan Foley (right) speaks to A&P Commissioner Hannah Mills about the library’s involvement with the upcoming Fayetteville documentary Up Among the Hills. Organizers requesting funds set up display booths on the Town Center Plaza Monday afternoon before the commission’s semiannual special funding meeting.

Photo: Todd Gill, Fayetteville Flyer

The Fayetteville Advertising and Promotion Commission awarded $159,200 to help fund 18 projects during its regular spring special funding discussion Monday afternoon.

Topping the list was the Fayetteville Art Alliance which received $55,000 to put towards a new home for the Fayetteville Underground.

The Underground artists plan to renovate and lease space inside the GCM Building at the corner of Mountain Street and Block Avenue on the downtown square. The group had hoped to move into the basement of the Old Post Office once the A&P Commission owned the building, but purchase negotiations ended after building owner Ron Bumpass declined to respond to the commission’s formal offer.

Other large awards went to organizers of the Fayetteville Roots Festival ($20,000) and the Fayetteville Public Library’s upcoming premiere of the Fayetteville documentary film Up Among the Hills ($20,000).

Other groups receiving special funds include the Artosphere Festival ($15,000), the Individual World Poetry Slam ($5,000) and The Little Craft Show ($1,500).

Below is a breakdown of what organizers asked for and how much they were awarded, followed by brief descriptions of each request.

Spring 2012 special funding awards

Event dateEventRequestAward
April 5-May 14Earth Day Festival$5,000$0*
May 3-June 24Artosphere Festival$20,000$15,000
June 2012All Out June$6,000$2,000
June 30Run for Veterans$3,425$1,700
Summer 2012Green Economy Group$5,120$1,000
Aug. 23-36Fayetteville Roots Festival$30,000$20,000
Oct. 3-6Individual World Poetry Slam$15,800$5,000
Oct. 4-7Offshoot Film Fest$8,000$2,000
Oct. 6Puppets in the Park$6,500$1,000
Oct. 19Up Among the Hills gala$25,000$20,000
Oct. 20-21Ozark/Urban Adventure Races$10,000$2,500
Oct. or Nov.UA Regional Flag Football Tournament$6,000$1,000
Nov. 3-4Harvest Moon Ultimate Tournament$5,000$500
Nov. 10-11Renaissance and Fantasy Faire of the Ozarks$5,000$2,000
November-JanuaryLights of the Ozarks$30,000$15,000
Dec. 1The Little Craft Show$1,500$1,500
Dec. 8-9Fayetteville Half Marathon$20,000$4,000
 Portable Pitching Mounds$12,000$0**
 Arkansas Air and Military Museum$20,000$10,000
 Fayetteville Underground expansion$60,000$55,000
Grand Total $159,200

* The commission declined to award any funds to Earth Day Festival organizers since the group already received $2,600 for this year’s event during the fall 2011 special funding meeting.
** The commission decided that the city’s request for sports equipment was something the Parks & Recreation department should pay for out of its own budget.
Source: Flyer staff report

Spring 2012 request descriptions

  1. Earth Day Festival$5,000
    Organizers requested additional financial help for 2012 Earth Day events currently in progress in Fayetteville. The group already received $2,600 for these events during the Fall 2011 distribution cycle.
  2. Artosphere Festival$20,000
    The Walton Arts Center requested $20,000 to help fund the third year of Artosphere: Arkansas’ Arts and Nature Festival.
  3. All Out June$6,000
    The NWA Center for Equality requested $6,000 to help market the 2012 All Out June series of events celebrating the diversity of Arkansas’ lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) community.
  4. Run for Veterans$3,425
    Organizers requested $3,425 to help fund the third annual Run for Veterans to benefit 7hills Homeless Center. The event is scheduled for June 30 at Veterans Memorial Park and the Lake Fayetteville trail system.
  5. Green Economy Group tour guides$5,120
    The Fayetteville Forward Economic Accountability Council’s Green Economy Group requested $5,160 to create a set of self-guided, tour maps to promote and educate visitors about the environmentally-friendly community design, unique architectural features, and cultural hidden gems that make up the Fayetteville community.
  6. Fayetteville Roots Festival$30,000
    Organizers requested $30,000 to help promote the 2012 Fayetteville Roots Festival, set to take place Aug. 23-36 in various locations around town including the Walton Arts Center and George’s Majestic Lounge.
  7. Individual World Poetry Slam (IWPS)$15,800
    Ozark Poetry Slam officials requested $15,800 to help fund the Individual World Poetry Slam set for Oct. 3-6 at multiple venues around town.
  8. Offshoot Film Fest$8,000
    The Seedling Film Association requested $8,000 to market and help fund the 2012 Offshoot Film Fest set for Oct. 4-7 at various locations around town.
  9. Puppets in the Park$6,500
    The Art Experience Inc. requested $6,500 to promote and help fund the 2012 Puppets in the Park program set for Oct. 6 at Wilson Park.
  10. Up Among the Hills premiere gala$25,000
    The Fayetteville Public Library requested $25,000 to help fund the Oct. 19 premiere event for Up Among the Hills, a 60-minute documentary film tracing the history of Fayetteville.
  11. Ozark/Urban Adventure Races$10,000
    All Sports Productions requested $10,000 to help promote the 2012 Lewis & Clark Ozark/Urban Adventure Races, set for Oct. 20-21 at Lewis & Clark Outfitters in Springdale.
  12. UA Regional Flag Football Tournament$6,000
    The University of Arkansas Department of University Recreation requested $6,000 to help pay for staff hotels and a staff social related to an October or November at-large Regional Flag Football Tournament for students.
  13. Harvest Moon Ultimate Tournament$5,000
    The Fayetteville Disc Association requested $5,000 to reserve and line playing fields for the 73-team Harvest Moon Ultimate tournament, set for Nov. 3-4 in Fayetteville.
  14. Renaissance and Fantasy Faire of the Ozarks$5,000
    Three Crones and a Pirate Productions Company requested $5,000 to cover costs associated with the November 2012 Renaissance and Fantasy Faire of the Ozarks, set to take place at the Washington County Fairgrounds.
  15. Lights of the Ozarks$30,000
    Fayetteville Parks and Recreation requested $30,000 to go towards operation expenses for the Lights of the Ozarks holiday lights program on the downtown square.
  16. The Little Craft Show$1,500
    Organizers requested $1,500 to rent the Fayetteville Town Center for the 2012 Little Craft Show, set to take place Dec. 1 on the downtown square.
  17. Fayetteville Half Marathon$20,000
    All Sports Productions requested $20,000 to help promote the 2012 Fayetteville Half Marathon, set to take place Dec. 8-9 in Fayetteville.
  18. Portable Pitching Mounds$12,000
    Fayetteville Parks and Recreation requested $12,000 to buy four portable pitching mounds to allow the city to host two-day, 32-team youth baseball tournaments.
  19. Arkansas Air and Military Museum$20,000
    Museum officials requested $20,000 to develop and produce a brochure for the Arkansas Air and Military Museum and to fund costs associated with the merger of the Arkansas Air and Military Museum and the Ozark Military Museum.
  20. Fayetteville Underground expansion$60,000
    The Fayetteville Art Alliance requested $60,000 be used for the expansion of the Fayetteville Underground to a new location near the downtown square.