‘Art Amiss 4’ compilation now available to download via Bandcamp

Original album art for “Art Amiss 4”

Art Amiss music director Eric Jensen has been re-releasing compilation albums like crazy lately.

Jensen has previously re-released three compilations created for Art Amiss events via the organization’s Bandcamp page, and he made “Art Amiss 4” available for download last week.

The record was originally compiled by Flyer contributor Roger Barrett, and debuted at an Art Amiss event on March 30, 2006. It features tracks by locals David’s Pegasus, The Cars That Crash, Fire Don’t Care, and Kmotiv, along with Little Rock artists American Princes, Conduit Family, The Moving Front, and 607. Fayetteville ex-pats The Body and The New Tragedies are also on the compilation.

The record is free to stream, and you can download it for a $3 donation to Art Amiss.

In addition to the Art Amiss albums available to stream at the Bandcamp page, CD copies of “Art Amiss 13” and “Art Amiss 14,” as well as the vinyl edition of their latest compilation “The Hills Have Amps” are currently available at Sound Warehouse and the Fayetteville Hastings store.

Proceeds from the sale of all of the compilations benefit Art Amiss, an organization dedicated to helping artists living in, working in, or from Arkansas.