Photos surface of black Arkansas Razorbacks football uniforms

Images of potential new Razorback Football uniforms have surfaced online recently.

For the better part of last season and even into the spring, Arkansas Athletic Director Jeff Long has messed with the minds of Razorback fans via his Twitter account about the existence of black Razorbacks football uniforms.

“Hmm” was Long’s typical response when asked about the authenticity of said uniforms, but now, photos have surfaced that could very well be the change that some Hog fans have been clamoring for.

The first of these photos began circulating on Twitter and on Razorback message boards several weeks ago (here it is on from May 16). The low-resolution image features three uniforms including white, red, and black versions.

Now, another image (which at least appears to be coming from the equipment room of the football facility) is making the rounds on the internets (we originally found it on, providing more evidence that the Hogs are in for some uniform changes in 2012.

Long has hinted on local radio that “something a little different” uniform-wise is in store for the Hogs this year. Here’s more evidence for a uniform change compiled by Chris Bahn of

Do you think these black jerseys are authentic? Do you like the change?