Art Amiss 7 and 8 compilations now available to download

Art Amiss 8 artwork

Art Amiss 7 artwork

For those of you who have been collecting Art Amiss compilation albums, the organization has re-released a couple more recently.

Music director Eric Jensen has been tracking down all the old compilations and creating a digital archive using their Bandcamp page. Jensen added Art Amiss 7 and Art Amiss 8 to the site in the past few weeks.

Apparently, there were no compilations released at Art Amiss 5 or 6 events.

Art Amiss 7 was originally released in September 2007, and includes 15 original songs by Arkansas artists including David’s Pegasus, Deadbird, Sarah Hughes, and others.

Art Amiss 8 was released in May 2008, and features 14 Arkansas tracks from the likes of Kmotiv, Paul Boatright and Epiphany. Both albums were compiled by Art Amiss president Bo Counts.

The albums are available to stream for free, and are $3 each for a digital download which includes original album art.

In addition, CD copies of “Art Amiss 13,” “Art Amiss 14” and the vinyl edition of their latest compilation “The Hills Have Amps” are available at Sound Warehouse and Hastings in Fayetteville.

Proceeds benefit Art Amiss, an organization dedicated to helping artists living in, working in, or from Arkansas.