REVIEW: Old Brewery Pale Ale

Photo: J.T. Wampler

This week’s beer: Old Brewery Pale Ale from Samuel Smith Brewery.

This 5% ale pours a nice, rosy copper color with a thin, white head. The aroma is of sweet malt, hops and a hint of caramel.

The flavor is a wonderful balance between toffee, caramel and earthy hops. It has layers of complex flavors that hit you in waves and finish clean leaving your mouth watering for another sip.

This is one of my favorite beers ever. The water they use for brewing comes from a well sunk in 1758 in Yorkshire England. All Samuel Smith’s bottled ales are fermented in Yorkshire Squares made from Welsh slate. Many British breweries used to ferment this way but very few still do.

I’m a sucker for breweries with history and tradition and Samuel Smith’s is one of the best. It’s a small brewery using the same water and techniques as they did 200 years ago.

English ales are known for their balance and this beer is living proof. Drinking this beer makes me think about cozy corner pubs and lively conversation with a few mates over a game of darts.

Pair with fish and chips or shepherd’s pie.

Rating: 5

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J.T Wampler
J.T. is a contributor for the Fayetteville Flyer. He is also the owner and brewer at the Tanglewood Branch Beer Co., located at 1431 S. School Ave. in Fayetteville.
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