Found Pit Bull – Male


Submitted announcement

An unneutered male pit bull sauntered up onto my porch on Mt. Sequoyah Saturday evening (Sept. 8). He’s wearing a grey and white tuxedo, steel chain necklace, and a white vinyl flea collar. He has a long waggy tail, a friendly (but hungry) disposition, and the scent of patchouli lingers in his coat. Is this your buddy? I fed him lots of kibble and now he’s ready to go home.

If you are not the person of this guy, but are interested in adopting or fostering him, please contact me as well. He seems like a good-natured and loyal companion that would be perfect for someone with a large yard or that wanted a hiking or running buddy. He looks intimidating but is secretly a big ham. Unfortunately I don’t have the space to keep him and my cats are anxious for him to find his way home.

Please call 479-799-0393 with any information.