Reports: Deer crashes into Fayetteville home

A deer jumps inside the bedroom of a house in Fayetteville after crashing through the window Tuesday morning.

Photo: John Hart, Fayetteville Animal Services

A deer jumped through the window of a Fayetteville home Tuesday morning, reports KNWA’s Tyler Thomason.

According to the report, animal control officers responded to the home of Randy Abercrombie at 372 E. Margaret Place after a neighbor reported a deer crashed through the front bedroom window of the house.

The deer was tranquilized, removed from the house and released after being trapped in the bedroom for about 45 minutes.

Police said no one was injured, but reports state that a waterbed, computer and other items were damaged during the incident.

According to city officials, the responding officers were John Hart, Anthony Rankin and Eric Redding from the Fayetteville Animal Services division.