VIDEO: Arkadia Retrocade gets a Facebook page, makes a teaser video

If the button that keeps track of Facebook shares on the bottom of our Oct. 8 story about the new vintage video game arcade is any indication, Fayetteville folks are seriously excited about the idea of the new Arkadia Retrocade set to open later this month.

The story was “Liked” and shared on Facebook nearly 1,000 times, and Tweeted nearly 60 times since we posted it earlier this month.

Add in around 58 comments, mostly to the tune of “YESSSSSSSSSSSSS” and “Definitely the coolest thing to open in NWA in a long time,” and it’s obvious that folks can’t wait to get fingers on the start buttons of those vintage video games.

Owner Shea Mathis said the soft opening of the new arcade will happen sometime near Oct. 25, and we noticed that he started a Facebook page for the business to help folks keep track of the grand opening information.

Also, we noticed and a short video teaser appeared on YouTube recently (Watch it above).

We wanted to share it, because just like several of you guys, we can’t wait.