PAID POLITICAL AD: ‘Dan Coody is the best fit for the future’ – NWA Times, 10-28-12

Northwest Arkansas Times quotes

“Without vision, a community can function but it won’t seize opportunity. Without vision, there’s no such thing as moving Fayetteville forward unless one is only measuring the passage of time.”

“We know this: Had Coody not been successful in his eight years as mayor, much of what Jordan touts wouldn’t have existed.”

“Coody believes in Fayetteville, too, and knows any serious positive change for the future can sometimes rock the boat. The only way not to rock the boat is to stand still. Coody will tackle the downtown parking that has changed the experience of one of Fayetteville’s greatest assets for the worse.”

“Coody believes Fayetteville’s place in history has never been cemented by maintaining the status quo.”

“Fayetteville deserves leadership that seizes, or even creates, opportunity.”

Northwest Arkansas Times, editorial – Oct. 28, 2012.

Chamber of Commerce debate – Pt. 1

(Four questions given in advance)

Chamber of Commerce debate, – Pt. 2

(The only four questions from the audience during the entire campaign)

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Paid for by the committee to elect Dan Coody Mayor, Deborah Coody treasurer.

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