Thanksgiving Eve tradition continues at Greenhouse Grille

Local singer/songwriter Jed Clampit will perform at Greenhouse Grille’s annual Thanksgiving Eve celebration this year.


You know what will be true in just about every household in America this week? Nobody, and we mean nobody, wants to cook dinner the night before Thanksgiving.

Friends and family are in town early, the fridge is already full of turkey, casseroles and homemade pies, plus there’s so much cooking to be done on the actual holiday, everyone needs a bit of a break before the main event.

But, without fail, people still get hungry that evening anyway.

Greenhouse Grille owners Jerrmy Gawthrope and Clayton Suttle realized this six years ago, and at least at their Mill District Fayetteville establishment, a new tradition was born; their annual pre-Thanksgiving dinner.

“We definitely feel like we’ve invented a holiday,” Gawthrope said. “Seriously. Who wants to cook the Wednesday before Thanksgiving?”

Every year, Gawthrop prepares an extensive special menu of mostly local and organic foods that he and his staff prepare for the occasion.

“It’s just a fun tradition for us,” he said. “It’s always a great group of people, great food, great music. Just a really good time.”

Fayetteville band 3 Penny Acre has been a part of the tradition since it started, but due to a scheduling conflict this year, local legend Jed Clampit will provide the music this year.

There are no tickets needed to the event, but dinner reservations typically fill up quickly. The first seatings of the evening begin at 5 p.m.

For reservations, or for more information, call 479-444-8909.