PHOTOS: Rock balancing sculptures appear along Lake Fayetteville Trail

A stone sculpture stands along the banks of Lake Fayetteville.

Photos: Connie Rieper-Estes

Update: Looks like local photojournalist Andy Shupe has more info on the artist behind these.

Most mornings, Fayetteville resident Connie Rieper-Estes starts her day with a walk, usually with a girlfriend, along Lake Fayetteville Trail.

Her morning stroll is intended partly as a way to get a bit of exercise, partly a reason to catch up and chat with a friend, and partly an excuse to take in some of the lovely views at one of Fayetteville’s most picturesque locations.

Lately, Estes’ walks have been enriched even further, thanks to the work of an anonymous rock balancer.

Estes said she recently began finding the mysterious formations by the Veterans Park pavilion and on the east side of the dam trail.

“It’s like finding easter eggs,” said Estes. “I look for them every day.”

Rock balancing as a practice dates back centuries, but the art form has been popularized more recently by artists such as Adrian Gray, Bill Dan, and others around the world. The act of balancing stones is also considered a form of meditation for some.

Obviously, the art form has found its way to Fayetteville.

Estes said that while she doesn’t know who is creating the impermanent sculptures along the trail, she feels somewhat of a bond with that person.

“I’d love for whoever it is to know that someone appreciates them,” she said. “They’ve definitely made my mornings more interesting.”

Connie was nice enough to share some of her photos taken of the balanced rocks with us. Anyone else noticed these?