New book on legendary Arkansas track coach John McDonnell due out this spring

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Want to know how to know for sure you’re a bad mammer-jammer?

We’re sure there are several ways, but here are just a few. When you are the winner of 40 national championships (the most by any coach in any sport, ever) and 84 conference championships.

When you’ve been so awesome at something your autobiography has the words “The most successful coach in NCAA history” in its title, and it’s not hyperbole.

When your name is John McDonnell, former track & field coach at the University of Arkansas. All of those are good indicators.

The University of Arkansas Press will soon release a new biography on McDonnell, appropriately titled “John McDonnell: The Most Successful Coach in NCAA History.”

The biography, co-written by McDonnell and fellow track & field coach Andrew Maloney, tells the story of McDonnell’s life and legacy “from his childhood growing up on a farm in Ireland, to his own running career, to the beginnings of his life as a coach and all the great athletes he mentored along the way.”

The book will retail for $34.95, and will be available in bookstores March 1. It’s also already available for pre-order at