Lightbulb Club to test non-smoking policy starting Feb. 4

Pedestrians walk along Block Avenue near The Lightbulb Club on Thursday.

Photos by Todd Gill, Flyer staff

One of the smokier clubs in downtown Fayetteville might not be smoky for much longer.

Owners of The Lightbulb Club, located at 19 N. Block Ave., this week announced on Facebook that they’re “giving serious consideration” to becoming a non-smoking bar.

“We’re starting to feel like it might be a good idea in general,” the post read. “We know some are pro, some are against, but given the tight quarters, we’re leaning towards going non-smoking.”

Most of the feedback has been positive since then, and club owner Wade Ogle said on Thursday he’s ready to at least test the waters beginning Monday, Feb. 4.

“We’re going to give it a shot, and see if it’s one of those things that just looks good on Facebook, or if people will really get behind the idea,” he said.

Ogle, who was one of the more vocal opponents of a failed proposal that would’ve banned smoking in all Fayetteville bars two years ago, said that while he’s interested in experimenting with going non-smoking at his club, his feelings about a city-wide ban have not changed.

“I still think that as rational adults, we should be able to make that decision for our businesses, based on the needs and wants of our clientele,” he said.

Ogle said he would reserve the right to “bend the rules” to allow customers to smoke inside the club during cases of extreme cold weather, for example.

“I don’t know if it will be permanent, or if it will last a month, or what” he said. “We’re ready to try it, and see how it goes.”