BRAINSTORM returns to Fayetteville on March 9 at Nightbird Books



If you missed the last BRAINSTORM show you missed out, because it ruled. If you were at the last BRAINSTORM show, congratulations, they killed.

Either way, they’re coming back with label-mates Radiation City for another show, and this time it’s personal. Not to be confused with the other bands of the same name, the Portland, OR. group goes all caps, all the time, and do the math-y, dance pop that makes even the most jaded creeps (like me) do their best impression of the shimmy slide.

BRAINSTORM is on tour and headed toward South by Southwest in support of their new single “She Moves.” Catch them at Nightbird Books on Saturday, March 9 for an all-ages show with Radiation City (Portland, OR.), and local philanthropists Swimming.

I asked BRAINSTORM singer/guitarist Adam Baz some questions and he was very concise. Here goes…

You guys played Fayetteville last October, what was your first impression of our fine city?
When we first rolled in to Fayetteville, and to Nightbird Books specifically, we were simultaneously charmed and a little confused. A rock show at a book store? And one with a live bird sanctuary inside – not your typical venue fare. But kids started pouring in as it got dark, and it ended up being one of the radest shows of tour. Oh, it also helped that we gorged ourselves at Waffle House afterwards.

How has your new bassist Dasha changed the music and band dynamic?
Dasha has been an amazing addition. She has a great stage presence and a killer voice. I think our live set is sounding fuller and tighter than ever before. Stoked to bring it on the road this March.

How has your Winter been?
Winter’s been great. Really productive. We wrote four new songs that we are super stoked on, and we’ll be playing all of them for the first time on this tour.

What have you guys been watching lately?
Trailer Park Boys

Any new music or recordings?
I guess I answered that in a previous question. But yeah, we have two brand new tunes that we are releasing as a digital EP right before tour. The single “She Moves” is premiering on NPR next week.


Radiation City – I Would Hide // Hide From The Night

Swimming – Some Dreams Come True