Coming here: killer BOB, Feb. 20 at Smoke & Barrel Tavern

We get quite a few interesting cross-genre descriptions from bands and their publicists here at the Flyer.

Country-punk. Rap-rock. Reggae-blues. Basically, combine any two (or more) genres, and at least someone out there claims to be playing music that encapsulates them.

Brooklyn-based experimental band killer BOB (lowercase killer, uppercase BOB), set to perform at Smoke & Barrel Tavern on Feb. 20, is the first band we can think of to call themselves punk/jazz/industrial/contemporary classical.

As it turns out, the description couldn’t have been more accurate.

The band, who recently released their debut full length album Fear May Be A Builder on Primary Records, will perform with locals Egyptr and The Chads at their Fayetteville appearance.

According to the group’s website, killer BOB’s music is focused on alternate realities that “places their music in a context in which dreams and waking life blend and blur, allowing the listener to re-imagine and repurpose their relationship to the music contained within.”

Interest = piqued.

Admission is $3, and the show starts around 9 p.m.